Weekly Inspection 23rd July


Weather: cooler temperatures with some heavy showers, including a couple of all day spells.

Forage: Buddleia, St John’s wort, Borage still, some rosebay willow herb. However, the level of activity from the hives has dropped off.

For once no major issues with any of the colonies, now I need to start thinking about Winter preparations and adding in missing frames from some of the colonies prior to assessing stores in the brood boxes.

Apidea: queen high size, but couldn’t see any eggs. If eggs present next inspection, then will create a nuc with frames from E&C.

Hive Record
CommentNext Inspection
AquaNY4 frames of biasPlenty in the brood boxLooks to be expanding nicelyAdd to 14 x 12 frames
BlueNYSix and a bit frames of bias1 kg in second superLooks to be okayCheck for brood pattern size
CyanYYSeven frames biasPlenty in the brood boxSwap out one frame to get to 11Add dummy board and donate frame to new nuc
DenimNYSix frames of bias, again, lots of eggsSecond super half fullNew queen seems to be doing wellCheck for stores in the brood box
EmeraldNY10+5 frames of bias, lots of eggs4th super one third fullNeed to rearrange framesSwap out 2 frames (1+1) and add in dummy boards
FlaxNY4 frames of bias, so has expandedSecond super 2/3 fullStill not seen the QueenAdd one 14 x 12 frame
GreenYYSix frames of biasNot much in the brood box, needs missing framesMake me feeding for winter, if stores remain lowAdd five missing frames (4BS,1S)
HoneydewNNOne frame of eggsPlenty of stallsKeep an eye on progressCheck for expansion
IndigoNYSeven and a bit of bias.Super 2/3, full and lots in the brood box, approx 15 kgNot seen the Queen for quite a few weeksCheck for Queen