Weekly Inspection 31st July


Weather: cooler temperatures 20°C with lots of showers. Evenings starting to get chilly

Forage: Rosebay Willowherb, Echinacea, Runner beans, borage

Noticeably, less foraging activity taking place. Created a nuc from the Queen in the Apidea with frames from cyan and emerald Queen was laying in the Apidea.

Hive Record
CommentNext Inspection
AquaYYFour and a bit of BIASLight on stores will need feedingDoesn’t seem to be expanding, added two 14 x 12 framesCheck on expansion
BlueNYSix frames of bias with a good patternAbout 1 kg in second superStill expandingCheck on stores in brood box
CyanYYSeven frames of bias, donated, one to the nucPlenty of stores in brood box Added dummy board, marked QueenCheck on Queen as some marker ended up on her legs
DenimNYSeven frames of bias with a nice pattern Second super half full Still expandingCheck on winter stores
EmeraldYY9+6 frames of BIAS4th super 2/3 fullNot seen Queen for last few inspectionsCheck for winter stores
FlaxNYFive frames of BIASPlenty of stores in Brood box Added to frames to make to 11, bad tempered, possibly down to weatherCheck on temper
GreenNYSix frames of biasLight on stores will need feedingAdded missing frames to make the 11 + a dummy boardCheck new frames being drawn
HoneydewNYThree frames of bias, expanded wellabout 6-7 kg grams of stores so okayGood brood pattern with lots of eggsCheck on the expansion and new frame is being drawn