Weekly Inspection June 15th


Weather: has been a mini heatwave with temperatures between 24°C – 28°C. No rain and forecast is for more of the same.

Forage: Pyracantha, geranium and cow parsley – elderflower is finishing. Bees very active and bringing in lots of pollen.

Decided to raise some queens using a Cloake board – started in 17th June.

17th – added 5th frame to Green as it was surplus to the queen rearing activity

Need to make up some more supers.

Looks like Indigo may be looking to produce a supersedure queen.

Hive Record
CommentNext Inspection
AquaYYJust started laying 2 frames with eggs. No larvae yet.Plenty of pollen and stores.Took brace comb in roof and feeder, settled in. Was Headley Rd swarm Check for continued expansion
BlueYYSix frames of bias pattern expandingOnly 1 kg in super, but is being workedLooks to be okayCheck to see if expansion is continuing
DenimYY6 + 7 BIAS, slightly less than last weekAbout 4 kg is in super, added 2nd to EmeraldPlenty of pollen in bottom box, 5 Queen cups on one frame. Was Nuc 2Check for any swarming indicators
EmeraldNY9 + 7 BIAS, expanding from previous week. Need more laying spaceSecond, super 3/4 full so added third from DenimNeeded more laying space, so made boxes 12 frames. Exchanged 1 capped frame with GreenCheck on laying space
FlaxNY6 BIAS, expanded nicely from previous weekSuper 2/3 full read the ad a secondRearranged frames to give more laying spaceAdd second super
GreenYY 2 BIAS, not expandedPlenty in third frameAdded capped brood frame from denim Check activity on foundation frame, strengthen if necessary
HoneydewYY5 BIAS on 9 framesPlenty on brood framesNice brood pattern Add 2 frames to make up to 11
IndigoYY4 + small patch on BIAS. 2 open charged queen cells taken down to 1 - close to being sealed.About 1/3rd in superUnite looks to have gone OK - but looks like a supersedure queen being raisedLeave for 2 weeks and check for queen(s)