Weekly Inspection 18th April


Collecting pollen from dandelion

Weather has continued to be cold and wet. Some sunny spells but temperatures between 12° – 14° C. Plenty of forage – hawthorn and Chesnut coming into full bloom.

Decided to split D as it was out of space and there were queen cells in the brace comb that was in the eke.

inspected B – modified Snelgrove but couldn’t find queen to perform manipulation- swapping queen back to the original box. Did take the queen cells down in the bottom box and will check in a few days to try to find the queen.

22nd April – found queen in B and moved down to bottom box

Hive Record
CommentNext Inspection
AquaNNUnite in progres so not checkedPlenty - checked by hefting the boxesLeaving lone for another week.Check if unite successful
BlueNY6 in top box and 2 in bottom box, eggs and young larvae in top boxLots in the original brood boxTook down queen cells in bottom box, moved queen down on 22ndOn 27th April - Check queen cells in top box
CyanYY6 BIAS, marked and clipped queen (hadn’t done last season)Plenty - no space, so added wet superadded super frame for drone uncapping Check queen is OK
DenimYY6 frames BIAS + queen cells in eke space plus lot of drone broodBox full with brood and storesDecided to split - moved queen with 2 frames brood and added 1 frame of stores into nucCheck on queen cells and thin down
FlaxYY3 frames BIAS, expanded from last inspectionBringing in nectarLooks to be doing well after apiary site moveNeed to gradually replace 3 old frames