Weekly Inspection 8th June


Having a mini heatwave with temperatures 20°C – 24°C. Still quite a lot of forage: elderflower, globe buddleia and hawthorn.

4th June – picked another swarm, looks like a prime. Will need to check later in the week. For now, it’s in a 14 x12 nuc box with a frame feeder. Bees came out front next morning, so transferred to 14×12 brood box. Not sure if they will stay as the owner of the garden where they were collected from says they are a lot of bees still in the bush – maybe the queen was left behind?

Not had chance to inspect Indigo to check on unite


Hive Record
CommentNext Inspection
AquaNNNew swarm from Headley RdFrame feederBees mostly in the roofCheck on behaviour and if queen present
DenimYY9 + 6 on double brood 2 supers but not being workedExpanding but not bringing in much honeyCheck on super activity
EmeraldYY9 + 6 brood and halfFilled superAdded 2nd super Check for laying space
FlaxYY6 BIAS, expanded nicely - bait hive colonyAbout 6 Kgs in super Need to mark queenCheck if 2nd super needed
GreenYY2 BIAS - was Nuc fom ReigateSome on 3rd frameNot expanding and poor temperament Either unite or strengthen
HoneydewNY4 and some eggs on 5th frame, expanded with nice brood pattern About 3kgs in super Starting to become strong colonyCheck if need to make up to 11 frames