Weekly Inspection – 2nd June


Honeybee on Red hot poker

Weather: same as last week with temperatures between 15ºC – 18ºC

Forage: Bramble just b starting, elderflower, pyracantha – appear to be in June gap

Found lots of dead bees in front of 3 of the hives when I cleared the weeds. Not sure what’s happened,m could be poisoning as I checked for signs of disease didn’t see anything untoward. Some of the colonies appear to be shrinking in size – again not sure why.

Denim look to have DLW or DLQ – so united with Cyan on 5th June

6th June – captured swarm in bait hive – probably not prime judging by number of bees

Hive Record
CommentNext Inspection
AquaYY12 BIAS with lots of eggsNothing in super despite size of colonyDrone trap partially laid up.Uncap drone brood, look at replacing damaged brood box
BlueNY4 frames of BIAS, nice brood patternNothing in super Queen seems to be doing OKCheck on expansion
CyanYNNo eggs yetOK but nothing in superLooks to be nice size queenCheck for eggs and larvae
DenimNNJust drone brood, seems to be a DLQ OK in brood boxAs it’a drone laying colony will unite with Cyancheck on unite
FlaxNN7 frames capped brood and larvae, no eggs and 1 sealed QC, 1 charged and 1 with eggOK in brood bPossibly swarmed (bait hive?)Check for other QCs and decide on how to requeen
GreenNN3 frames capped brood and no eggsOKSeems to be shrinkingDecide on uniting or strengthening
HoneydewNY7+ BIAS, 3 queen cups with egg on outer frame- not sure in swarmingAbout 1 Kg in super, being workedBees agitated - swarming?Check on swarming, replace manky frameds