Weekly Inspection 13th May


Weather starting to improve – temperatures around15°C but still quite wet. Plenty of forage out with Chesnut, hawthorn main sources.

Inspected both sites as I wanted to get samples for the local association health clinic. Given the state of my bees I suspect that they have Nosema as they are not expanding as they should now that Spring has arrived.

No brood in 2 of the colonies which is worrying, so will give them another week before acting further.


Results of Health Clinic show heavy nosema in 2 of the 4 hives.

Hive Record
CommentNext Inspection
AquaNNvery small amount of sealed broodAbout 2 kgs in super.no nosema but also no brood, so add frame from C with eggs.Check on introduced frame.
BlueNY2 frames of brood, may be OkPlenty in the brood box.No nosema. Not sure on state of the colony with regards to BIASCheck if queen present.
CyanNY3 frames BIAS - donated 1 to Aquaplenty in brood boxheavy nosema detected. So need to be careful in future moving frames around to other hivescheck if still in OK state.
EmeraldNNno BIASabout 4kgs in super - may be last years honeyheavy nosema detected. Not many beescheck if any sign of queen or add frames eggs