Weekly Inspection 22nd August


Weather: continues to be fine with the temperatures 20° to 22°C

Forage: Red, hot, poker, goldenrod, finishing Rebecca and Himalayan balsam.

Starting to feed the light colonies without supers. Concerned about Aqua as it looks to be shrinking and may need to unite with the Nuc.

inspection split into two parts because of the weather, so took a decision to unite Aqua nanda Nuc

Hive Record
CommentNext Inspection
AquaYYThree frames of bias, shrinking. Queen looks to be small and thin.Okay for stores united with JadeCheck on unite
BlueYY6 frames of BIAS, but shrinking patternAbout 1 kg in second, super, no changeAbout 6-7 kg in brood box, will need feedingStart to feed
CyanYYFive and a bit frames of bias6 kg in the brood boxWill need to feedStart feeding
DenimYYSix frames of bias, has shrunkSecond super 2/3 full, no changeVery light on stores in brood box, only about 4 kgMark, and clip Queen
EmeraldYY6+5 frames of bias, has shrunk quite a bitAbout 8 kg in the brood and a halfLook to feed after taking off the supersStart to feed
FlaxYYSix frames of biasSecond, super 2/3 full6 kg in Brood Box, will need feedingStart to feed
GreenYYFive and a bit frames of biasLight, only 6 kg in Brood BoxStarted to feed with Invertbee, full Miller feederCheck on feed uptake
HoneydewNY4 frames of biasOnly 5 kg in brood box Swapped brood box over to Nuc, have started to feed, topped up feeder mid weekFinish feeding
JadeYYFour frames of biasJust starting to draw fifth frame United with aqua, added frame feeder, marked and clipped QueenCheck on unite, top up frame feeder