Weekly Inspection 31st May


Weather has been great with temperatures just below 20C. Still lots of forage around – Chesnut (nearly finished), Hawthorn, Lilac, Wisteria, elderflower just starting and OSR.

25th May – Decided to add brood box and supers to Denim & Emerald as I was worried that they will run out of space.
25th May – Headley swarm – after a quick peek I can see that they are covering 4 of the 5 frames and are very active so moved into full size box.

Didn’t see a queen in the united A and C boxes so will combine with Indigo which is not expanding but has a nice sized queen.

3rd June – United Aqua with Indigo

Hive Record
CommentNext Inspection
AquaNNNo brood and no queen presentPlenty in the original super and a small amount in the second superUnite has gone okay by the look of it, no Queen or broodQuick check for Queen and unite with indigo
BlueYYFour frames of bias with a good patternHow about 1 kg in superLooks to be improving and expandingCheck expansion
DenimYY9+2 frames of bias, few queen cups not polishedAbout 1 kg in superHad already drawn nine of 11 frames in second brood box. Good temperamentCheck on continued expansion
EmeraldYY9+3 frames of bias with good sized brood patternAbout 1 kg in brood box super and 3 kg is in second superDrawn nine of 11 frames in 1/2 brood box. okay temperCheck on continued expansion
FlaxYYFive frames of bias and nice brood patternAbout 3 kg in superLight colour to Bees, possibly Buckfast strainMark and clip Queen
GreenYYTwo frames of biasPlenty in brood boxAdd extra frames to make five frame nucMake up extra frames
HoneydewYYThree frames of bias alreadyPlenty in two framesVery light coloured and big queen. Moved into 14 x 12 boxCheck expansion in new box and queen settled
IndigoYY2 + 2 - not expanding as top super box is just sealed broodAbout 3 kg in superUnite with A during weekCheck if unite successful